Mike Millea: The True Trust & Probate Real Estate Specialist

Mike Millea Probate Real Estate is here to guide you through the process of selling or purchasing probate real estate in the Greater Los Angeles area. Mike, who has practiced in real estate as both a real estate attorney and real estate broker, brings this dual background to every deal. He is one of five people with his skillset in the country, and was a trusted state attorney for 25 years while also practicing over 20 years of trust in the state law. As Southern California’s most experienced trust and probate broker, his resume brings a streamlined and easy to understand process to the table for every client. Mike is able to counsel his clients through the legal details of probates, trusts, and wills while simultaneously brokering the most profitable real estate transaction for his clients.

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What Is Probate Real Estate?

Probate real estate deals with properties that have transferred ownership through the legal process – either through a will, a trust, or a conservatorship. For example, if a loved one passes away and grants ownership of a residential or commercial property explicitly to you or multiple members of your family in his or her will, this would qualify as a probate estate. Furthermore, if age or a medical condition renders a person who owns and manages a commercial or residential property unfit to manage the responsibilities of the property, a conservatorship may name a family member or other individual as the executor of the estate. This executor would be designated as responsible to make all decisions concerning that property.

How Does A Probate Realtor Help?

A probate realtor or broker has knowledge from both a legal perspective and real estate perspective. A successful probate real estate broker possesses quality connections to legal counsel who will expedite the transfer of ownership of the estate. Also, the broker will have the ability to counsel and establish a plan for the client to either continue managing the probate estate, or to dispose of it through open market sale.

Mike Millea’s Experience In Los Angeles Probate Real Estate

Mike and his team have successfully brokered more than 600 commercial real estate and residential/apartment real estate deals across Southern California. When a client wants to maintain ownership of a probate estate, essentially treating it as income property, Mike can supervise that decision as a real estate consultant. Conversely, if a client wants to dispose of the real estate asset, essentially cashing in on its value, Mike has the connections and tenacity to aggressively market the property to his established network of investors, developers, and buyers. His goal is to create meaningful and profitable transactions for all of his clients.

Contact Mike Today!

If you recently became the owner or executor of probate real estate through a will, trust, or conservatorship, contact Mike today to discuss your unique situation by calling (310) 939-9356. Also, if you are looking to purchase probate real estate as an investor or developer, contacting Mike is a fantastic first step. He is here to help his clients make sense of probate real estate and make money, while also taking the headache away from handling financial and legal situations after the passing of a loved one and the planning of a funeral or wake. You deserve your time and space to mourn while Mike and his team of Los Angeles probate real estate experts handle your case.