Mike Millea: Your Investment Property and Probate Real Estate Expert

Mike Millea and his team are here to help you through the process of selling and purchasing real estate in the Greater Los Angeles area. For over 20 years, Mike has counseled his clients through all the real estate and legal details when it comes to probate and trust real estate dealings, buying investment properties, and 1031 exchange consulting. When it comes to navigating these complex dealings, you can trust our team to provide expert advice and deliver results.

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Mike isn’t only a real estate broker – he’s practiced in real estate as a real estate attorney for 25 years while practicing over 20 years of trust in the state law, bringing an impressive dual background to every deal. In fact, he’s one of only five people with a similar skillset in the entire country. As the most experienced trust and probate broker in Southern California, he makes the real estate process simple and easy to understand for his clients. Whether you’re in the South Bay, or are interested in property in West Los Angeles, Mike and his team can help.

Probate & Trust Real Estate

Probate real estate deals are when properties have transferred ownership through the legal process – whether it’s through a trust, a will, or a conservatorship. For example, if a loved one passes away and grants ownership of a residential or commercial property explicitly to you or multiple members of your family in his or her will, this would qualify as a probate estate. Furthermore, if age or a medical condition renders a person who owns and manages a commercial or residential property unfit to manage the responsibilities of the property, a conservatorship may name a family member or other individual as the executor of the estate. Mike has knowledge and experience to help executors with this lengthy and complicated sales process, to help expedite the transfers of ownerships of the estate or continue managing the estate on their own.

Investment Properties

Investment property is any piece of property that an owner doesn’t reside in; it can be used for residential, commercial, and multifamily tenants. This allows an owner to get a return on investment in two different ways – an increase in market value of the property and also rent payments. Investment properties are an excellent monetary value, but you’ll need to obey all applicable laws and secure a favorable deal, which requires an expert like Mike.

Your 1031 Exchange Consultant

1031 exchanges present an extremely valuable form of property exchange, but the complexities around them can cause confusion. Mike is a highly skilled intermediary that can help clients navigate these dealings effectively and successfully. You’ll be able to defer capital gains tax, instead using the cash that would have gone to taxes as equity in the new property. Mike has helped clients at all levels of the real estate business navigate these types of exchanges to help them generate cash flow and diversify their portfolio.

Contact Your Local Real Estate and 1031 Exchange Consultant!

We understand each client’s case is unique, whether you’ve recently become the owner or executor of probate property or are interested in purchasing investment property. Feel free to give us a call at (310) 939-9356 and we’d be happy to review your case with you. If you have any additional questions about probate real estate, investment properties, 1031 exchanges, or any of his other areas of expertise, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re proud to serve clients in and around the South Bay, Inglewood, Torrance and the Greater Los Angeles area. We look forward to hearing from you soon.