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One of the biggest investments that you’ll make in your life will most likely be the purchase of West Los Angeles probate real estate. While it’s important to choose real estate that you like, there are many more decisions that go into making sure that a purchase – or sale – is a success. This is why it’s imperative to have a qualified and experienced probate and trust real estate expert like Mike Millea by your side to help. With over 25 years of experience as a trusted Los Angeles real estate broker, he has the knowledge to help you buy and sell just about any kind of property.

Mike has also practiced as a real estate attorney for 25 years, bringing a dual background to every day. This helps him navigate the complexities of various property types, including those held in a trust, probate or conservatorship.

Property Type

As an expert when it comes to many different types of property, Mike Millea is glad to help you navigate through this field. He’s able to help with the legalities of probates, wills, and trusts while also offering sound legal counsel and direction to his real estate clients. Here’s just a sample of the property types that he’s able to help you purchase or sell:

  • Residential Property – Your home is perhaps the most important investment a person makes. Not only does your residential property keep you (and your family) secure, but it typically has a great sentimental value as well. With Mike’s expert local knowledge, he can help you determine the true value of your residence and make sure that you get the best deal.
  • Multifamily Property – Purchasing multifamily property can produce great results with the proper consulting and expertise by your side. The difference between the two may simply be determined by the expertise of your real estate broker. Mike has assisted numerous people in attaining the apartment building, duplex, or townhouse of their dreams; with him by your side, he’ll help produce great results for you as well.
  • Commercial Property – Commercial properties can often be tricky to secure. They’re highly regulated and they sometimes need a skilled professional with lots of experience to complete the deal. That’s where Mike comes in. He’s a trusted source for buying and selling all kinds of commercial property, from office buildings to restaurants to retail space and so much more.
  • Investment Properties – An investment property is one of the most beneficial types of property as a person can get a return on his or her investment through both the rise in market value of the property and also through the acquisition of constant rent payments. Talk to Mike and he’ll help you maximize your gain with these properties.
  • 1031 Exchanges – Through a 1031 Exchange, you’ll be able to exchange property with another property owner without having to pay federal or state income taxes. This is a tricky – but incredibly advantageous – legal procedure that requires an expert like Mike to make sure that you understand all of the complexities, allowing you to realize all of the benefits.

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