7 Reasons to Hire a Specialized Probate Real Estate Agent When Selling Willed Property

Posted by Techyscouts | Posted on 08/01/2014
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  • If you’re trying to sell a willed property, then you’ve got a lot to worry about. You have to deal with the intricacies of real estate, complex probate laws, and in many cases overwhelming emotions. Despite all that, some people try to sell the property on their own. Often, they only end up giving themselves more problems that could have been avoided by getting professional help. Here are seven great reasons for hiring a specialized probate real estate agent.

    Emotional Stability

    The death of somebody you’re close to can be upsetting or even traumatic. You may be trying to administer an estate while grieving or even arguing with family members. Since it’s difficult to make good financial decisions while you’re highly emotional, it’s a good idea to hire someone else to help and advise you.

    More Time

    Hiring a specialized real estate agent helps free up your time to focus on other priorities. After a death you may have quite a bit going on, from the handling of personal keepsakes to the collection of life insurance. Getting somebody else to take care of the real estate frees you up to ensure possessions are distributed correctly, handle unforeseen complications, or simply take time to grieve.

    Technical Expertise

    Real estate and law are both complex fields, and when they meet in probate proceedings the result can be messy. Hiring a specialized real estate agent is a good idea because most people don’t have the technical knowledge necessary broker the sale the property correctly. You should get someone with experience in both legal proceedings and real estate to ensure everything is taken care of.

    Help with the Process

    A good agent, however, does more than act in your behalf. He or she should also be able to help you understand the dense legal jargon and assist you in making informed decisions. This is also true when selling a conservatorship property or trust property.

    Legal Experience

    A specialized probate agent with a background in law can more easily navigate probate proceedings to get the best results.

    Good Connections

    Additionally, a specialized broker knows the right contacts. He or she should have connections in the legal industry and in specialized areas of real estate – like investment firms and property management companies – making it easier to sell the property to a motivated buyer in a short period of time.

    Best Value

    Hiring a probate real estate agent can help you get the best deal possible. Oftentimes, a family will sell a home for whatever they can get following a death, which means it is sold for far less than its value. Hiring a specialized agent is one way to prevent this.

    If you need to sell trusted, conservatorship, or willed property, don’t try to do it alone.

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