Advantages of Being a Probate Real Estate Agent With a Legal Background

Posted by Darren Daltorio | Posted on 11/11/2014
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  • Transferring property from one person to another is often difficult, especially when inheritance is an issue. A probate real estate agent focuses on how assets are dealt with after the owner of a specific parcel of property has passed away. Many people plan on leaving their homes or land to loved ones upon their own death, but what the beneficiaries do not realize is the potential problems that occur in probate law. Hiring a probate broker who also has a background in the legal side of the probate process is a huge advantage.

    Combining the Law and Real Estate Experience

    There are several reasons why choosing the right agent is crucial to the probate process:

    • Smoothing out the process from day one – The probate process can be disorganized, but not if you hire the right person from the get-go. Avoid running into problems with using the seller’s agent if you plan on liquidating a property or facing internal sibling squabbles over who will handle what portions of an estate. An experienced agent who understands how the probate law affects your case knows just what path to take.
    • Successfully navigating a property sale – One of the most complicated aspects of the probate system is a probate real estate sale. You and any other beneficiaries must follow strict protocols if you plan on selling an inherited property, otherwise you face troubles with the law. The right probate broker is very familiar with the sales process, including overbidding, and provides you with all necessary information and advice in order to make it work and help everyone get what they want.
    • Prevent legal tangles – Although legal problems do not always happen in probate real estate, they do occur. When they do, it’s often frustrating. The best way to avoid these kinds of issues with inheritance law is to get the services of an agent who knows the business inside and out. By guiding you past potential problems, you do not have to worry about hiring additional personnel to straighten out your legal tangle later down the road.
    • Best way to learn about the process yourself – If you want to learn about the probate process, it is not advisable to simply learn from first-time experience. In the event you must go through the process again, get educated with the help of your agent. An agent with a background as an attorney is doubly qualified to provide useful information in this area of real estate.

    Hiring the Best Candidate

    Although it is not always necessary to hire both a real estate agent and an attorney, it is highly recommended to hire a probate broker with extensive knowledge of probate law. Someone who was once an attorney is the optimal choice and is able to help you sort out property inheritance questions.

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