Advantages to Attorneys and CPAs From Having Their Clients Use Me

Posted by Techyscouts | Posted on 04/10/2024
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  • Michael Millea is an experienced law and real estate advisor with over 20 years of experience. Mike Millea and his team provide guidance to attorneys and CPAs whose clients are actively involved in the selling and purchasing of real properties in the Greater Los Angeles area. These include residential and commercial properties that are in probate or trust.

    If you are navigating the legal details of real estate transactions, probate and trust matters, and 1031 exchanges, Mike Millea can counsel you through the intricacies of each. His combined background in law and real estate investing makes him an expert in his field. Mike’s extensive knowledge of probate and trust law is invaluable when it comes to property transfers.


    West LA Probate Real Estate Broker

    When properties transfer ownership through a conservatorship, trust, or will, the executor of the estate has to deal with a complicated and lengthy sales process. When a deceased family member has granted ownership of a commercial or residential property to an individual or multiple family members through a legal will, this qualifies as a probate estate.

    As a West LA probate and real estate broker, Mike Millea has the knowledge and qualifications to guide your executor clients through the transfer of ownership process. He also can assist with the details of buying or selling these types of properties.


    Trust Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles

    In the event that a property owner has established a trust to determine the distribution of property and assets, the trustee or board of trustees is given the task of determining how the assets will be distributed to the beneficiary. Beneficiaries can be individuals, a group of people, or an organization.

    There are some advantages to a trust, but it is best to have an experienced trust real estate agent in Los Angeles with a legal background who can walk your clients through the process of establishing a proper trust to avoid the property ending up in probate. When your client is ready to purchase or sell property currently held in a trust, you will need a skilled professional to review all of the associated documents.


    Entrust the Team of Michael Millea to Assist Your Clients with Probates and Trusts

    Navigating the legalities and paperwork associated with purchasing and selling probate or trust properties can be overwhelming for an estate executor or trustee. Using the services of a law and real estate professional in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area can lessen the burden and make the process easier to understand. Michael Millea has decades of combined experience as an attorney and real estate broker with extensive knowledge in probate and trust property real estate transfer. Give Mike Millea and his team a call to learn how he could help the clients of attorneys and CPAs with their probate and trust property transactions.

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