Benefits of Selling a House in Probate

Posted by Techyscouts | Posted on 02/28/2022
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  • When it comes to selling a house in probate, it can feel like all of the red tape and legal challenges can make the process more trouble than it’s worth—but there are some serious benefits to selling a house in probate that you may not want to ignore! Whether you are interested in selling a property quickly or if you simply want to avoid paying for costly repairs, probate may be the best option for you. Mike Millea, your local Los Angeles conservatorship real estate agent, has all the inside tips and tricks on how to use a probate sale to your advantage. Find out below how you can benefit from selling a house in probate!

    What Is A Probate Sale?

    If you are looking to buy an owner-occupied property in Torrance or if you just want to sell a house in probate, there are some important things you should know before going forward. Probate sales may sound complicated, but once you understand the system, the process is easier than it may seem. Selling a house in probate is simply a way of selling a property whose owner has passed and whose estate is not able to pay off the deceased owner’s debts. In these cases, the house is sold in probate in order to pay the creditors and to avoid transferring the previous owner’s debts to the inheritors of the estate.

    Why Probate?

    As a Los Angeles conservatorship real estate agent, Mike Millea has years of experience helping his clients benefit as much as possible from both their real estate sales and purchases. If you are handling a property whose owner is deceased, here are some ways that we can help you benefit from selling the property in probate:

    • Help pay off the deceased owner’s debts and avoid inheriting a burdensome estate
    • Sell property without making costly repairs and changes
    • No need to hire a staging company or other frills
    • Sell to investors who are more willing to take properties with defects or structural damage
    • The Estate representative takes care of the selling process for you

    Contact Mike Millea Today!

    Real estate in LA can provide great opportunities but it can also bog you down with taxes, legal proceedings, and exhausting negotiations if you don’t know how to navigate the system effectively. Whether you are looking to sell an owner-occupied property in Torrance or if you have a possible probate sale on your hands, hiring a Los Angeles conservatorship real estate agent might just be the difference between an easy sale and a convoluted real estate debacle. Contact Mike Millea today to learn more about the benefits of selling a house in probate or to get started on finding an owner-occupied property in Torrance!

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