Best Places To Buy Rental Property in California

Posted by Darren Daltorio | Posted on 06/21/2016
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  • California boats some of the most beautiful weather and real estate in the nation. As an ambitious buyer, it can be tough to assess which areas to strongly consider and whether a certain property is a viable long-term investment. Fortunately, Mike Millea and his team can provide real estate expertise, specifically in trusts, probate, and conservatorship situations. In terms of property, it’s important to do your research, because California’s real estate scene is constantly evolving and diversifying. Below you’ll find some of the best areas to purchase rental property.


    In terms of rental growth, Irvine has huge potential. Home prices in this Orange County city are relatively high, because it’s a safe, affluent, and entertaining area to live in. The high price tags heavily encourage renting, so if you’re interested in making a wise rental investment, Irvine is a safe bet. The area is also surrounded by colleges and universities, bringing hoards of students and young adults that keep the economy flourishing. Overall, Irvine holds a lot of promise for aspiring investors and property managers.

    Manhattan Beach

    If you’re interested in an area with seemingly endless growth, popularity and higher sales prices, Manhattan Beach is a golden destination. Its beautiful beaches, incredible weather, and endless activities attracts people from all across California, with no signs of slowing down. Making an investment in beachfront property or freshly-remodeled complexes could pay dividends in the future.


    As one of the largest cities in the Inland Empire, Riverside has been on the rise for the last couple years. It’s another area that is filled with young adults, either attending universities or fresh graduates. A decreasing crime rate, coupled with an increasing population, puts rental properties in high-demand.

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