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Posted by Techyscouts | Posted on 06/30/2021
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  • Since March, Southern California home prices have been soaring, rising as the pandemic-fueled housing boom has continued. According to data from real estate firm DQNews, the median home price in SoCal has increased 14.5% from last year. Houses, condos, and townhomes sold have risen to 32.2%. So what is happening?

    First, there are several factors that are driving the boom nationwide, real estate agents and economists say. And it’s not just because of the pandemic. Before COVID-19, the housing market was already heating up. Not only are people looking for more space, but millennials (now in their early 30s) are buying homes for the first time. Especially in SoCal, where rates of home prices are increasing.

    The Stats

    Throughout Southern California, every county has seen an increase in the housing market. Here are the statistics for each:

    • Los Angeles County: Median price rose 17.2% to $750,000 in March. Sales climbed to 33.9%.
    • Orange County: Median price rose 10.6% to $835,000. Sales climbed 38.5%.
    • Riverside County: Median price rose 17.9% to $476,750. Sales climbed 37.5%.
    • San Bernardino County: Median price rose 18.3% to $429,500. Sales climbed 29.3%.
    • San Diego County: Median price rose 15.3% to $680,000. Sales climbed 22.4%.
    • In Ventura County: Median price rose 12.5% to $658,000. Sales climbed 24.2%.

    The Factors

    Many home buyers and sellers are asking themselves how much longer will steep gains continue? According to experts and analyst in the real estate field, they believe that:

    • Falling mortgage rates during the pandemic have enabled buyers to bid up the prices of homes while keeping monthly payments roughly the same.
    • Unless the economy recovers or if mortgage rates rise, we will still see this boom.
    • Prices in the Southern California market will go up to the double digits by December.
    • Low supply and an influx of investors into the market have made prices up.

    Work with a Reliable Realtor!

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