Five Best Places to Buy a Vacation Home

Posted by Techyscouts | Posted on 07/07/2017
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  • Summer is here, and for many individuals, it’s buying (and moving) season. Many people will be using their well-deserved time out to explore real estate possibilities, such as the best areas to invest in a vacation home. While Mike Millea provides expert real estate services in the greater Los Angeles area, we also want to provide you with valuable property information outside of the golden state. Below you’ll find a list of five of the best places for a vacation home, both in and outside of California.

    Austin, TX

    This heavily-populated city is an excellent choice for a vacation home if you’re looking for a bustling city with plenty to do. It’s known as the Live Music Capital of the World – a title that it earned due to the many musicians and live music venues in the city. While you may be looking for a summer vacation home, it’s summer practically all year round in Austin; it gets about 300 days of sunshine each year.

    Myrtle Beach, SC

    Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular U.S. cities for vacation homes and tourism as well – it’s said to get over 14 million tourists per year! Just a few of the reasons as to why Myrtle Beach is such an attractive vacation home is because it’s home to over 60 miles of beaches, over 100 public golf courses, and a plethora of family-friendly events and activities.

    Oahu, HI

    Oahu is one of the most desirable spots for a vacation home in the entire country. The obvious reason for this is because it’s such a beautiful and scenic location. While it’s often considered to be paradise for couples, Oahu is also just as well-liked by children.

    Kissimmee, FL

    For a family-friendly vacation home, Kissimmee should be one of your top considerations. A main selling point of Kissimmee is its proximity to a number of thrilling amusement parks, including the famous Disney World. Kissimmee also features plenty of public parks, golf courses, and sporting complexes.

    Thousand Palms, CA

    If your desired vacation home needs to include outdoor activities, you won’t find many better spots than Thousand Palms! Thousand Palms may be a smaller town with a population of under 8,000, but there’s still an overwhelming number of things to do outside. Whether you’re interested in hiking, horseback riding, or just exploring the wildlife, there’s plenty of ways that you can absorb the beautiful scenery here.

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